Samsung Silent Mode

To activate silent mode on a Samsung phone, press and hold the # key (hash, pound). To deactivate it, do the same again.

I found this out after telling my Samsung-loving girlfriend that my Samsung phone sucked because it didn’t have profiles like my beloved old Nokia – at which point she picked up my mobile, pressed #, and rolled her eyes.

“Silent Mode activated” :)

Next time I’ll RTFM.

16 thoughts on “Samsung Silent Mode

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  2. Carina

    It has been driving me crazy . I have been through my phone and settings about 6 times looking to take it off Silent mode. Too Easy!! I love the internet where you type a problem and somewhere there is an answer on the internet

  3. jess jess

    omg thanks soo much my neice blocked mine and ive tried to figure it out for like two hours thanks very much

  4. Moonie


    Mine says “User lock” when I do that. I can’t guess the password, and I’ve never had one!!

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