Identify your Motherboard without opening the case

Intel Motherboard
[Photo by Josh Bancroft, via Flickr]

It’s a problem we all encounter at some point: You’ve just re-installed Windows, and now you need to download your Mainboard drivers. But which motherboard do you have again?

Instead of opening your PC case to find the Motherboard model number, check out CPU-Z :)

CPU-Z is a free, stand-alone application (no installer) that very quickly lets you know your system’s vital statistics (CPU, Mobo, and RAM), so that you can head off and find the drivers you need, without having to open up the PC.


This is something I come across frequently when I’m performing OS refreshes at DisplayLink. I imagine it’s a common problem in most start-ups (are we still are start-up? haha), where PCs are bought to spec on an ad-hoc basis. Often, the only way of finding out the motherboard number is by opening the case, lifting cables, and poking around the motherboard, in an attempt to find the tiny bit of writing on the PCB that tells you its model number. Hardly ideal!

5 thoughts on “Identify your Motherboard without opening the case

  1. Phil Wiffen Post author

    Hi Michelle, if you follow the blue links above that say “CPU-Z”, you’ll be taken to the CPU-Z webpage. From there you can download CPU-Z from the upper left-hand side of the page: “Download Latest version”.

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  3. chad

    do i still need to install the cpu z after i downloaded it to my computer or i just need to pull it up from my desktop to use it?

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