How to Obtain the Java MSI Installer

  1. Visit The offline download page for Java
  2. Click on “Agree and Start Free Download”
  3. Run the .exe you just downloaded
  4. Wait for the MSI installer to download
  5. Once it’s downloaded you’ll be asked if you want to install
  6. At this point, check in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\
  7. You’ll find the MSI in the subdirectory jre<version_number>

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One thought on “How to Obtain the Java MSI Installer

  1. Jason

    You need to run the offline java download for the MSI to go in this location. To do so, on, click on downloads in the menu bar. Then click on more downloads link and select the offline version. When you install this, it will unpack the MSI to the location c:\documents and settings\\Application Data\Sun\Java\jre

    Hope this helps.

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